November Is Gratitude Month – Giving Back What Has So Generously Been Given 

Every November, members of Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous are invited to acknowledge their gratitude to the Fellowship that has sustained their lives as recovering addicts. As a way of giving thanks, individuals, groups, and Intergroups are encouraged to contribute directly to Fellowship-Wide Services (F.W.S.), in keeping with Tradition Seven, which states that “Every S.L.A.A. group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions.” 

Fellowship-Wide Services (F.W.S.) The F.W.S. Office is the direct link to all S.L.A.A. Intergroups, groups and individual members world-wide. The main responsibility of the F.W.S. Office is to carry the message — to help the addict who still suffers. 

What F.W.S. Provides, What Contributions Support 

  • Printing, selling, and distribution of Conference-Approved literature (S.L.A.A. Basic Text, pamphlets, medallions, and Starter Kits for groups and Intergroups) 
  • Assistance with starting new meetings and Intergroups world-wide 
  • Coordination of Annual Business Conference/Meeting 
  • Support to Conference Committees which facilitate overall growth of the fellowship, including literature translation, creation of new literature, outreach to institutions and prisons, website     development and maintenance, and communications with Intergroups and members at large 
  • Bookkeeping and maintenance of legal documents 

Ways to Give 

  • Groups are encouraged to pass an additional basket every week during the month of November that goes directly to F.W.S. 
  • Individuals can set up recurring contributions (i.e. monthly) to be automatically deducted from ones debit or credit card at
  • Individuals, groups and Intergroups can make a one-time contribution online at
  • Individuals, groups and Intergroups can make a one-time contribution by check. 
  • Please make check payable to Fellowship-Wide Services and write Gratitude Month in memo 
  • Send check to F.W.S., 1550 NE Loop, 410 Suite 118, San Antonio, TX 78209 
  • Special Note: Individuals who make direct contributions to F.W.S. may claim their gift as tax-deductible as S.L.A.A. is a separate 501c3 organization.  

If you have any questions regarding 7th Tradition contributions during Gratitude Month or year-round, please email

Shelter in Place Announcement 3/17/20

Due to the Shelter in Place order all San Francisco/East Bay face to face meetings are temporarily suspended.

Each meeting should take its own group conscience about how to best keep their meeting going during the shut down. Using phone in meetings via or Zoom is probably the best option. Both have audio only or audio/video formats. (Zoom has a 40 minute meeting limit for unpaid accounts).   Online meetings are another option.

Please email with your group’s phone/online conference call information, so we can update the meeting calendar on our website as soon as possible. Please monitor our website we will try to provide the most current updates as this situation develops.

ONLINE & PHONE MEETINGS (Links to webste –fellowship-wide services)

Phone meetings, click here. 
Online meetings, click here.

UK online meetings (run with Skype or Zoom), click here.


Public Information Committee

Help spread the word! 
The Public Information Committee needs YOU!
The SF/East Bay Intergroup Public Information Committee seeks members of the fellowship to help spread the word about our program and its tools of recovery.  Please email Diana, the 2020 Public Information Officer, at to find out more! 

Introducing the New S.L.A.A. Lifesaver Program To Encourage Automatic Monthly Giving

Click here to donate

Now more than ever, F.W.S. needs your 7th Tradition support. Individuals, Groups, and Intergroups can sign up to make automatic monthly contributions.  Double your monthly contribution by giving now!  Due to the generosity of members like you, if you join now, contributions will be matched dollar for dollar up to $101,000 total. This is an unprecedented opportunity to ensure the long-term financial security of SLAA.


  • Expand outreach materials and programs for the addicts still suffering
  • Fund new S.L.A.A. technology initiatives
  • Create and fund new benefits for F.W.S. Employees


The SLAA Audio Library Committee (ALC) is collecting 10-30
minute lead share recordings from fellows; you can record on voice
memos, time yourself, and send in to The
recordings will be uploaded to Google drive to be posted on the SLAA Los
Angeles website.  Send in your audio with this waiver: If you have questions, please email the
ALC. Share your experience, strength, and hope with fellows around the
Flyer for shares: [1]

S.L.A.A. Audio Library Committee

If you have an announcement for the SLAA San Francisco/East Bay Intergroup website, please email it to the Webeditor or click the link at the bottom right corner of your screen. In general, announcements do not need to be put forth as a “business item” at the monthly Intergroup meeting.

*********************************************************************************** Upcoming events are no longer listed on the announcements page in order to eliminate the need to update events on multiple pages. For upcoming events visit the upcoming events page

Click here for both a displayed and printable schedule of meetings.

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