About Meetings

There are many different kinds of meetings — large and small, speaker or topic, sharing and study, reading and meditation, men’s and women’s and mixed, morning, noon and evening…Meetings all open with a statement of the purpose and philosophy of SLAA, a reading of the Twelve Steps, introductions so we can get to know each other, time for getting current, and a closing reading and prayer.

Meetings may also be described as open or closed, speaker or speaker/discussion, step study or getting current, wheelchair accessible or scent-free, newcomer or gay/lesbian or people of color, and giving of chips for time in program or sobriety. A key to these characteristics is appended at the bottom of this page. One or more of them will appear next to each meeting in the meeting schedule.

Open meetings are open to Sex and Love Addicts & those trying to learn more about sex and love addiction. Newcomers are welcome at all Open meetings.

Closed meetings are open only to SLAA members. The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop acting out a pattern of sex and love addiction.

Traditionally, “… two or more persons gathered for mutual aid in recovery from sex and love addiction may call themselves an SLAA group, provided that as a group they have no other affiliation.”

To add or change information in the meeting list, send email to: Registrar. Each meeting or group should elect an Intergroup Representative to attend Intergroup meetings. Representatives should contact the Intergroup Chairperson to be added to the email list for Intergroup announcements, agendas and minutes.

Key to Meeting Descriptions

12 = Step Study
GC = Getting Current
CH = Chips
SC = Scent Free
WA = Wheelchair Accessible
S = Speaker
SD = Speaker/Discussion
NC = Newcomer
GL = Gay/Lesbian
POC = People of Color